Settlement service

CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC Moscow offers a comprehensive settlement service for legal entities – residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation, in local and foreign currency:

Opening and managing accounts in rubles and foreign currency.

  • Opening accounts is made in the shortest possible time with the full package of documents availability.
  • No fee for opening accounts.
  • Managing current accounts in rubles and foreign currency at no cost.
  • Possibility to send urgent payments and ordering travels.

Cashless transfers in local currency within the Russian Federation

  • Crediting of funds in the currency of the Russian Federation to the Clients’ accounts is made on the arrivals day at the Bank correspondent account.
  • The write-off of funds upon the Clients` request submitted to the Bank before 5 pm is carried out by the Bank on the current day, submitted after 5 pm – on the next business day.
  • No fee on transferring taxes and customs payments
  • Providing latest update on payments transactions.
  • Carrying out non-cash payments using the online remote banking service system.

Cashless transfers to countries near and far abroad in foreign currency.

  • The Bank makes payments in US dollars, EURO, Pounds.
  • The crediting of funds in foreign currency to the Clients’ accounts is made on the next day of the arrival day on the Bank correspondent account.
  • Writing off of cash in foreign currency according to the Clients` requests submitted to the Bank before 1 pm is carried out on the current day.

The utilizing Internet Bank remote banking system provides:

  • The ability to access your accounts from any computer connected to the Internet at any time and from any place.
  • Encryption and control of the integrity of the transmitted information, conducting cryptographic authentication of the parties when interacting over the Internet.
  • The “Internet Bank” system is a secure electronic document management system.

Cash service:

  • Accepting and issuing cash in local currency.
  • The Bank provides the ability to use funds credited to the account on the current day.
  • Receipt of cash with a preliminary order for urgent requests (on the day of the provision of cash checks) is made by the Bank without limiting the amount with a free of charge bill breakdown.

Correspondent relations with Banks allow CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC Moscow to make international transfers anywhere in the world.

The personal support of customer settlements, practiced by the Bank, involves tracking payments in the “chain” of interbank settlements, and allows to quickly plan mutual settlements with counterparties that significantly increases the turnover of funds.

The Bank conducts free consultation of all types of settlements and optimization, cash flow issues, current legislation of the Russian Federation and legal acts of the Bank of Russia. If necessary, the Bank sends customers regulatory documents over established channels.

  List of documents required for opening an account to a resident legal entity

 List of documents required for opening an account to a non-resident legal entity

 List of documents required for opening an account for an individual entrepreneur or an individual engaged in private practice

Documents provided by a client- legal entity in case of changes

 Account Opening Application

 Account Closing Application

 Bank account agreement in the currency of the Russian Federation

 Bank account agreement in foreign currency

 Additional agreement – requirement with 2-party acceptance

 Additional agreement – requirement with 3-party acceptance

 Statement of Acceptance – Legal entities

 Disclaimer of acceptance – Legal entities

 Statement of advance acceptance – Legal entities

 Application for cancellation of a given acceptance in advance – Legal entities

 Sample Signature Card

 Application for issuing a checkbook

 Forms of notifications indicating acceptance of the document for execution or a negative result of its control / return of the document

 Beneficiary Statement

 Letter of guarantee

 Questionnaire for a legal entity (foreign body without forming a legal entity)

 Questionnaire for a non-resident legal entity, non-local taxpayer

 Information about the individual (beneficial owner)

 Information about the individual – customer representative

 Customer Statement (Customer Representative)

 Questionnaire for SP (PE)

 Questionnaire for an Individual

 Power of attorney for statements

 Power of Attorney for other documents

 Information about the beneficiary – individual entrepreneur

 Information about the beneficiary – individual

 Information about the beneficiary – a legal entity (foreign body without forming a legal entity)

 List of participants

 Option-1 Letter of no change

 Option-2 Letter of no change

 Clarification to clients regarding legal and actual address

 Application for providing information on the reasons of refusal of RB